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The Engines of X127

Propelling Machinery. Campbell

80 Bhp Hot bulb, two cycle, twin cylinder crude oil engine, direct reverse with clutch operated by handwheel.

4’2” dia 3 blade cast iron propeller, size of engine 10’6” long, 5’2” wide, 5’0” high above centre of shaft, nett weight 6 tons 13 cwt.

British design and built by The Campbell Gas Engine Company Ltd, est 1888 by Hugh Campbell, Gibraltar Road, Halifax.

Campbell Marine Crude-Oil Engine

Campbell Marine Crude-Oil Engine (click for full size image).

After a strike because of Campbell’s employing ex-servicemen from 13 July 1919, that dragged on, the company ceased trading in 1926. Hugh Campbell died aged 90 at 117 Queens Road, Blackburn on 24 March 1950.

‘Tangye’ Water Pumps & Engines

Engine 1 No 26940D
Engine 2 No 25620D

Fitted between frames 44-52, twin 40 Bhp (estimated) ‘Tangye’ single cylinder hot bulb oil engines. With a stroke of 1’8” and a six spoke, single flywheel. 5’8” x 9¼” , rear 12 spoke pulley wheel 2’10” x 1’1”, crankshaft cover 3’4” x 1’2”, cylinder size (ex) 3’2” x 1’8” with 3” dia connecting rod and 12” x 10” x 4½” block with bearing fitted to crankshaft, governor shaft 4’4” x 2½”, main body of engine approx 10’0” x 3’7” (not including flywheel and take off pulley). Weight 5½ tons (estimated), the rear take off pulley was used to drive the forced air circulation fan through ducting.

Tangye engine drawing 1

Tangye engine drawing 2

Tangye engine drawing 3

Tangye engine drawing 4

Drawings of the Tangye Engine (click for full size images).

The firm of James Tangye and Brothers was set up in March 1857, by James, Joseph and Richard, at 40 Mount Street, Birmingham, their premises were in Clement Street, Birmingham.

The last engine from the much expanded Cornwall Works of ‘Tangye’ was dispatched on 12 December 1963, type C WS 6 serial no 42797.

The firm of Tangye is now owned by Allspeads Ltd of Accrington, Lancashire, with no Tangye family involvement. Tangye Brothers started, making the hydraulic presses to launch the 12,000 ton Great Eastern in January 1858 for the British engineer Isombard. K. Brunel, sideways into the Thames at Millwall. “We launched the Great Eastern and she launched us.” (Tangye Brothers) 1858.

Water Pump - no information
Capacity of water lighter X127 was 200 tons.

Water pump of 3” line would provide a capacity of 35-40 tons/hour.