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Plans of X127

This plan is the original X Lighter plan from 1915. I have drawn in the 4 tank hatches and the hatches etc. for the conversion work to a Water Lighter. Please see the photograph of the deck of the water lighter at West Beach, Gallipoli, 1915-1916 (Jan).

All of the numbered fittings etc. can clearly be seen on the wreck of X127 at Marsamxett Harbour, Malta, and if you dive the wreck you will be able to identify what you are looking at. Safe diving.

If you have any questions, please write to me. I have DVDs of the wreck if you would like a copy; please let me know (no charge).

The original X Lighter plan from 1915

The original X Lighter plan from 1915 (click for full size image).

  1. 3” holes 37’ from bow, 5”, 10½”, 15½” down. This is where the bracket was fixed to the hull, for the deck extension for the drop down brow.
  2. 4” x 1” bolted down footholds for troops and horses.
  3. Large Fairleads.
  4. Hole for portable mast.
  5. Large towing bollards, lighters towed, up to 3 at a time, from England to the Aegean.
  6. Inspection hatch.
  7. Collar for portable anchor derrick.
  8. Collar for chain locker.
  9. Ladders, 3 for water/fuel tanks, 1 to engine pump room.
  10. Remains of bullet proof screen.
  11. Steering pedestal, broken over to the stb side, notice chain around the wheel.
  12. Plate that held the ship's compass.
  13. Look to bomb damage area, look at silt level to engine room to see the end of this fuel tank, 1 of 4, 450 gall. each.
  14. Engine room skylight.
  15. Door frame (door missing) to engine room, notice rubber in rebate, to make door watertight.
  16. Direction wheels for steering chains.
  17. 24” dia. scuttle to accommodation for crew, notice top rung of ladder on bulkhead, hatch is missing.
  18. Flue for crew, stove.
  19. Campbell engine silencer.
  20. Steering chain from steering pedestal to quadrant rudder.
  21. Fitting for flag pole.
  22. Top of quadrant rudder, notice rudder is 90° out of true; this was because of the bomb blast. See no. 11.
  23. Ladder on bulkhead, down to crew's accommodation, top rung can be felt under silt.
  24. Bolts that hold on the 12” x 8” fir rubber.
  25. Bolts and angle iron plates for the 12” x 8” fir rubber.
  26. Deck girder profile that can be seen to the ‘pump’ room girders.
  27. Skylight for crew accommodation, for up to 12 crew.
  28. Brackets on side of engine room that held on to the 2nd 4½ cwt anchor.
  29. First set of counter sunk rivets to first frame.
  30. Deck brackets for 1st 4½ cwt anchor.
  31. Wire blocks to support portable mast.
  32. 4, 16” x 24” x 2” high hatches to water/fuel tanks, at a depth of 18 metres. I found one of the ‘bent’ blown off hatch covers and put on decks.
  33. 24” dia. Bolt down hatch covers, 9” high.
  34. 2, 13” dia. Holes, for air vents to “Tangye” engines, 18” dia.
  35. Air vent and hot exhaust for “Tangye” engines, 18” dia.
  36. 2, 36” x 36” hatches, to ‘pump’ room, ladder to stb. side hatch (no covers) rubber around stb side hatch.
  37. 11” dia. air vents to engine ‘pump’ room.
  38. 3, 1” dia. stanchions with base plates.
  39. 7½” dia. round plates with 2½” dia. holes (one with brass wire 1½” long).
  40. Small bollards (only fitted to lighters for water, and to carry horses). 41.9” dia. covers.


The gun platform built by the carpenter has been removed.

All of the drop down brow has been removed, if you dive the wreck of X127 you will see the front of the bow deck has been covered over by a 1/4” — 3/8” plate, this cover's over the holes left, by removing the fittings for the portable derricks.

At a depth of 13.2 mtrs on the port side, you will see the large dent, with the 2, 4” x 2” angle irons piercing the hull; this is where the lighter hit the submarine P39 on the 6th March 1942, the X127 was tied up alongside.